Wheelersburg, Ohio Pottery Shop Rt 52 

Freda Craig Shaw collection

Wheelersburg TV & Appliance back in the day

Mark Howell collection

Thelma Hays Cole in front of Hay's Grocery at Wheelersburg, in 1949

Mark Howell collection

Wheelers Mills

Johnda Lou Drive-In Theatre by Wheelersburg, Ohio

Mark Howell collection

Gilpin Dairy building after someone wrecked into it

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                   Wheelersburg Corner of South Street and Gallia Street around 1915

Early shopkeepers-Hall, Mackoy Bros., J. W. Blair, McClave, C. F. Dutiel. In Barber shop-Jesse Hughes, Emory Burgess. In store building-Dennis VanHoose, Clarence C. Fritz. In front of store-Marion Burgess, Fred Rightmire. Seated on bench Ed Hodson, Warren Bussler, Tom Kirkpatrick. Dr. Andre seated on porch with George in his arms. . Later grocers- A.B. Preston, E. O. McCowen, Litteral & Craycraft, McCarty

                        (Picture found in a Kiwanis paper that was a supplement to Scioto Voice, spring 1980)

Wheelersburg Motor Company 1935

Wheelersburg January 26, 1937 flood

Donna Sue Beaumont photo collection

Pop's Drive-in and Restaurant now gone

Wheelersburg McCurdy Building c 1918

The Masonic Temple in 1937

Wheelersburg First Methodist Church

Wheelersburg Baptist old picture

Wheelersburg Methodist Episcopal Church1907

Wheelersburg Grade School for 1st - 2nd Grade.

It sat beside the high school on South Street.

Wheelersburg High School shortly after its construction

1930-31 Wheelersburg Basketball Team

Wheelersburg first year 1930 Football Team

Stanley Hall Coach

Scioto County Hillcrest Children's Home Gallia Pike, Wheelersburg

Closed sometime in the 1970's

Wheelersburg, Ohio Yester Years

Located in Porter Township, Scioto County, it was founded in 1820 and was originally known as Concord.

In 1833, Wheelersburg contained one physician, two taverns, four stores and groceries, one cotton factory, one tannery, one iron finishing shop, 20 houses, and about 150 inhabitants.

ZIP code 45694

In 1822 David Young and his brother John bought the spinning machinery owned by David Gharky and moved it from Greenup, Ky to a building located at Broadway (now Gallia) and Center streets.  They spun and wove cotton cloth, and also operated a wool carding machine. The brothers became involved with Iron Furnaces so they sold their equipment to Edward Cranston.  He moved it to an old flour mill on Gallia Street.  "Cranston's "Jeans" was durable as metal, Cranston's yarn was knitted at every fireside, and Cranston blankets seemed to never wear out." In 1897 Benjamin Cranston took out the machinery and converted the building to a flour mill.

Cranston Wool Mill about 1906

Wheelersburg Creamery

Wheelersburg Gilpen Dairy after repair.  The whole building was rebricked.

photo by Tyrone Hemry 3 Oct 2013