Annual Mine report from 1912 for Buckeye Fire Brick and Clay Co.

Scioto Furnace, Scioto Co., Ohio ZIP code of 45677

Annual Mine report from 1905 for Buckeye Fire Brick and Clay Co.

Scioto Furnace School, probably the one on Jackson Fork Road

The way Route 140 looked at Scioto Furnace, Ohio in 1902; we are looking down the turnpike towards Portsmouth here. The Buckeye Fire Brick & Clay Co. company store is at the left (years later after an addition was built on the side, it was McCall & Queen Merchandise Co.) and the B&O RR switcher is on the right.

From a original copy of a company advertisement from the Buckeye firebrick and clay company.

Chad Fannin collection

Marshall School, Great Meadow Road, Scioto Furnace, Ohio  Built: 1930

Annual Mine report from 1911 for Buckeye Fire Brick and Clay Co.

Annual Mine report from 1912 for Buckeye Fire Brick and Clay Mill

Buckeye Fire Brick and Clay Transaction

Built in 1828 by General William Kendall.  After operating the site for twelve months, he sold the furnace to William Salters and Andrew Dempsey, who are frequently credited with the construction. Among the many owners of this furnace were J.M.G. Smith, J.W. Glidden, L.C. Robinson, Andrew Crawford, George S. Williams, Wells A. Hutchins, Sr., and Charles Leonard. The furnace went out of blast in 1892.

Stack: 35 feet high w/10 foot bosh
Production: 1854 - 48 weeks - 3,041 tons of iron
Ore Source: Lower coal measure outcrop hematite and limestone ores

The stack was located on the Scioto and Hocking Valley RR fifteen miles from Portsmouth

information from J.P. Lesley

Scioto Furance store owned by David Queen and his mother