New Boston Glenwood High School shortly after construction located at 522 Glenwood Avenue

New Boston School children at the post office to buy defense stamps january 1942

photo by John V

New Boston Oak Street School Christmas 1949

The Oak Street School in New Boston, it was remodeled in 1952.

The Glenwood High School orchestra in New Boston in 1928

New Boston, Ohio Schools

Oak Street Elementary

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New Boston Oak Street school  youth basketball about 1945

Lynn Broughton collection

1st row: second from left is Ron Patrick. 2nd row: third from left is Tom Seth and I think the boy on the right might be Bill Turner (Pat Bond's brother). Top row on the left is Gene Smith. Teachers are Jesse Newberry and Foster Elliott.  This According to Judy Shonkwiler Simpson.  Sue Lewis says Tom Seth next to Dean.  Bill Thacker says Front, 4th from left: Jack Pauley.

New Boston Oak Street school  Lynn

Broughton collection

New Boston in 1962 Judy Duncan was head majorette Dave Craycraft 3rd row Dow n, 2nd from the left is Dave Craycraft 3rd row Dow n, 2nd from the left.  Donna Kay Stewart Potter is in Second row from frontbeing Second girl from the right side and Cindy Newberry is next on left.
                                                                                         Bill Culver collection

1935 New Boston Glenwood Tigers Football Calendar Schedule

Graduating Class at Glenwood High School in 1942. 

Guy Cooper collection with his  father Wendell Cooper in the class