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Located on the river side of the flood wall

This one is in New Boston at Millbrook Park

Not shown
Side A : "Otway Bridge"

This bridge, spanning Brush Creek in Brush Creek Township, Scioto County, was erected in 1874 by the Smith Bridge Company of Toledo, Ohio. Robert W. Smith was granted patents for timber trusses in 1867 and 1869, and the design for this bridge is a Smith patented truss. The supplemental arches were added in 1896. Original length of 200 feet had been shortened to its present 171 feet. This plaque has been erected to give due honor to these early timber covered bridge builders and to the men of the community who so ably assisted them. [This side of the marker contains a bridge illustration in the upper left corner]

North on SR 348, Erected at bridge site near Otway
Not Shown
Side B : "Timber Covered Bridge"

Timber Covered Bridges were vital links in the early road, railroad and canal systems of Ohio and contributed greatly to the growth and development of the state. They were covered with roof and siding to protect the heavy timber trusses from the weather. Many of them have carried their loads and served their communities for well over a century. Fine craftsmen, using broadax, adz, pitsaw, and froe, were able to construct these sturdy bridges by hand.

North on SR 348, Erected at bridge site near Otway
Located along Chillicothe Street just before getting to the bridge

This one is at 770 Duck Run Road in Scioto Co., OH

Sciotoville Bridge, 1917, designed and built by two famous American Civil Engineers, Gustav Lindenthal, D.Sc. (1850-1935), the Consulting Engineer (and) David Barnard Steinman, D.Sc. (1887-1960), the designer and stress analyst. A double track railroad bridge of twin spans each 775 feet long, it remained until 1935 the longest continuous truss bridge in the world and stands today as the prototype for continuous structures. Its construction marked a major advance in the art of bridge engineering and was a pioneer achievement in continuous truss analysis. In beauty of design, size and erection techniques it stands as a landmark of progress in man's mastery of his environment.

Located intersection of Gallia St. and Eastern Avenue, on the Sciotoville side of the bridge at intersection.

Located near intersection of Kinneys Lane & Waller

Located near intersection of Kinneys Lane & Waller

Located along Chillicothe Street just before getting to the bridge
located at 55 St. Ann Street, Portsmouth
38 42' 2" N       82  58'  43.3W

Located at Lucasville Cemetery

This historical maker is located along Rt. 73 just west of the intersection of Rt. 49 (Pond Creek Rd.) and the little building with additional information about French, Ohio history is next to the marker.

Historical Markers located in Scioto County
In 1999 "the Albert Montavon family built a small building that houses pictures and history of French, year round. People have been to the Historical Marker from all over the World and the United States. The Edward Glockner Family donated the glass case that came from the original business on Second Street. French, Ohio was located in two different Townships. They are: Union Township until June and on June 3, 1867 was totally located in Rush Township when it was formed. Two French Flags, a Civil War Flag, two Ohio Flags and many American Flags have flown each year at the Historical Service. The National Anthem and the French Anthem are sung or played."

Rushtown looking north

At Rushtown looking south with Bethany Baptist Church behind me


Just a side note Branch Rickey is buried at the near buy Rushtown Cemetery.  (Latitude: N 38º 50’ 32.2”, Longitude W 83º 01’ 26.5”)